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21&Co is a parent run support group based around South West London and Surrey dedicated to giving support to families who have children and young people with Down's syndrome.

Our members meet regularly to share their experiences and give each other advice, support and friendship. New members are always welcome. So whether you have just had a baby with Down's syndrome or are new to the area or have an older child, please come along to our next event or contact us. We are here to help.

Charity Reg: 1149464

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We're a friendly and dynamic group of people all looking to help each other out.

Send us a message and get in contact with the right people by following the link below.

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We rely upon your generosity to provide the support and activities that we are proud of.

Follow the link below to help us to continue to make a difference.

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Winner of the £5000 Movement For Good Grant 2024


21&Co is honoured to win this award as one of only 10 lucky charities.

Winner of the Community Support Award 2022


21&Co is honoured to have won the Community Support Award within the Red Kite Days Awards 2022.

Positive about Down Syndrome


21&Co support the Positive about Down Syndrome initiative.

Recently established by a group of parents, Positive about Down Syndrome has been formed in an attempt to counter some of the negative perceptions associated with Down Syndrome that permeate society. Parents keen to benefit from the collective experiences of those already involved are invited to register their interest.

Parent's stories

Learn more about the stories of some of our members at our Parent Help page.

  • Alfie

    "There are challenging moments, but it has made my life indescribably richer and fuller"

  • Amber

    "She delights us with her cheeky sense of humour and delights her brother with all the tickles she gives him"

  • Blythe

    "Having Blythe in our lives has enriched us as a family. If I knew then what I know now I wouldn't have had a care in the world"

  • George

    "We are a regular happy family who just get on with whatever life throws at us"

  • James

    "James is adorable. He's made such a positive impact, not only on our lives, but also the lives of our friends and family"

  • Toby

    "Today, Toby is a lively, very popular little boy and he has added so much to our family life"

  • Leia

    "This was never the journey we had planned, but I sure as hell love my tour guide..."

  • Emma

    "I just got on with having a beautiful baby girl"

  • Henry

    "I can’t begin to describe how misplaced all those preconceptions and worries were!"

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