What We Do

21&Co run a number of diverse events that appeal to people with Down's syndrome of all ages and their families. Many of these activities are outlined below.

Pre-School Speech & Language classes

One of our most important services are our Communication groups for our preschool children. These are run on Wednesday and Friday mornings at the Langdon Down Centre in Teddington and cover the ages of 1-4. The children are grouped by age in no more than 5 per class and follow exercises designed by the respected speech and language therapy body 'Symbol UK', specifically for children with Down's Syndrome. These early intervention methods cover early speech sounds, choosing, matching, letter and word recognition, speech clarity, categorising and sequencing. Parents or carers support their child throughout these classes. For more details please contact Tatty, tatty@21andco.org.uk

Social Communication and Interaction groups

21&Co also offer after school Communication groups which are designed to develop communication and social interaction skills. Our trained therapists work closely with the children and use interactive exercises and games to support and encourage the development of the children's communication, speech and peer relationships. There are 4 groups per week on a Tuesday afternoon also at the Langdon Down Centre covering children aged 4-8. While the children are in their groups learning new communication skills, turn taking and making new friends, the parents have the chance to spend time together over coffee, while games and music entertain the siblings. For more information contact Louise, louise@21andco.org.uk

Drama groups

From about 8–9 years children can join our Drama groups. These have been a huge success and aim to build on the skills they’ve developed in their social communication groups. But most importantly, they’re an opportunity to maintain friendships. The Drama group runs on a Tuesday evening at 5pm at the Langdon Down Centre. The group works on a variety of dramatic techniques from experimenting with play to improvising everyday situations. From time to time the children put on a short performance for family and friends to showcase what they have been learning. Throughout the term the children will participate in group, pair and solo work using their voice, body language and facial expressions creatively. The drama group aims to create a relaxed environment where the children can express themselves freely. Contact Louise, louise@21andco.org.uk

Youth Club

Our youth club is open to children from 10+ and takes place on the last Friday of each month at St Mary's Church Hall in Hampton. We provide a vibrant social setting for our young people, where they can hang out with friends, enjoy a variety of activities, including discos, games, crafts and more. Our annual timetable is also interspersed with trips out in the community, such as visits to the theatre, bowling, cinema and restaurants. Contact Louise, louise@21andco.org.uk

Talks and Workshops

Every year we work with Down Syndrome Education International and the Down's Syndrome Association to run sessions on a wide range of subjects, all based on scientific and practical research. These information days are open to parents, carers and professionals.

Past subjects have included:

Social Events

Throughout the year we hold lots of social events to get everyone together, including family fun days, summer picnics, children's parties, pub quizzes, wine tastings and our fundraising ball which is held every 18 months.

Club 21

A monthly weekend club for all families within 21&Co with a dedicated theme to each weekend event for the kids to enjoy, such as karate, dancing and soft play. We have designed the events so that there is also a chance for the parents to meet each other over a cuppa while their children are occupied and supervised by 21&Co members of staff! Contact Charlene Hayden, charlene.21andco@gmail.com

Stay and Play

21&Co hold monthly Stay and Play mornings for our families with children of 5 and under. They are held at the Yorda Playhouse in Chessington 9.30-11.00 and include signed sensory stories and singing within a fantastic, safe play space. Siblings are very welcome. For more information and dates please email Tatty, tatty@21andco.org.uk