Who We Are

21&Co is a registered charity run by parents, offering help and support to children with Down's syndrome and their families in South West London, Surrey and surrounding areas.

Finding out that your child has Down's syndrome can be a shock. More often than not, the best emotional support comes from meeting other families with children with Down's syndrome and sharing their experiences. Having the support of other parents and carers will help you learn about Down's syndrome and what having a child with Down's syndrome will mean for your family.

That’s why we formed 21&Co – to help children with Down's syndrome but also their parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and other family members and friends.

We work hard to promote the opportunities open to children with Down's syndrome, provide early development resources like social communication therapy and increase awareness, acceptance and understanding of Down's syndrome in the local community.

Our families meet regularly to share their stories and to give each other advice, support and friendship, while the children have fun and build their confidence in a stimulating environment.

Our Mission